I’m here to help You stand out

You’ve got the passion and drive to turn your knowledge into profit...
but you’re struggling to get noticed by your dream client.

I’m Dr. Tiffany Eurich,
a media Expert & Educator
for Passion-Driven Entrepreneurs 

That day I learned the power of pushing
outside your comfort zone.  

And it set my career in motion.


i’m proof that you can flourish behind the microphone…

And After 20+ years in the communications Industry (oh... and a Ph.D.),
I’ve learned a few things:

I know that landing the right kind of publicity doesn’t have to make you pull your hair out.

I’ve discovered the tricks that help people look forward to being on camera, and I've been teaching them for a decade. 

And I've learned how to help people overcome the monster of imposter syndrome, and get their message to those that need it the most.

So I've stepped out from the TV studio and university classroom to help visionaries like YOU.

Now, I teach entrepreneurs all the insider strategies for getting media coverage, creating their own media channels, and telling their story with impact, so they can get their brands noticed, trusted, and profitable

"I've met you Somewhere Before!"

I get that a lot. Maybe you've seen me around Here:

You’re my kind of Curious.

Want the backstory?

I don’t know what the originally scheduled interview was supposed to be about, but my hometown was treated to a chat about the 4-H county fair.

And I was hooked. 

I Gave my first live radio interview at 15 when the local DJ called a number on the wrong post-it note. 

Then, in the same month, 3 people asked me to help them launch a podcast to build their business.

A retired corporate career woman reached out for PR help to save her grandparents' farm as she turned it into a B&B.

A student enlisted my advice for creating a series of videos to help save his mom's art business.

I was beginning to realize that the skills that had become part of my daily routine were elusive to others who really needed them.

Not one, but three degrees in communications (I'm nothing if not thorough).

A job as a TV producer, then on-camera talent when a quick fill-in led to a stint as a reporter, which turned into hosting an interview show (and a travel program, just for good measure). 

A decade as a university professor, training the next generation of broadcasters, public relations pros, and digital marketing experts (which not only kept me on my toes, it kept me on the forefront of tech and industry changes).

And maybe, you're dealing with the same things...

Maybe you've been frustrated like my colleague who was struggling to launch a service-focused podcast to attract clients. He knew what he wanted, but didn’t have a clue where to start.

Or you might know how it feels to put off starting a business for decades because of frustration.  Like my client, you have a dozen brilliant ideas, but no inkling how to help your customers choose you over everyone else.

You look around and it seems like everyone else knows more, has more experience, or just seems to have hit the business-savvy jackpot.  Like when I witnessed a group of Ph.D. grads—true experts in their field—chatting about the business opportunities they gave up on, because they didn’t think they were smart/knowledgable/skilled/outgoing enough.

And maybe, insecurity has robbed you of the chance to grow.  Like an entrepreneur I know who cancelled an opportunity for national television coverage just days before a live interview.  One that would have shot his business through the stratosphere. Afraid of freezing or sounding unprofessional, he gave up his chance to make his brand a household name.

When I realized that I could empower entrepreneurs--just like you--to make friends with the microphone, Serve their Clients, and make a profit, I knew it was time to do something about it.

That meant:

You have passion and drive, and you’re willing to try new things to build your business so you can serve your people well. You wouldn’t be here if those things weren’t true.

I also know that you can create charismatic videos and podcasts that will attract and serve
your dream clients.

You are perfectly qualified to land the strategic publicity opportunities that will actually reach your ideal audience and dramatically increase your site traffic and sales.

And you have what it takes to deliver powerful interviews with integrity and enthusiasm, positioning you as a trusted authority in your field.  

I can't wait to work with you to make it happen.  

Here's what I know about you

You have a story, and it matters.

In fact, it matters so much that you're doing
the hard work to get it out into the world.

I want to make it easier for you.

Let's Roll up our sleeves & get started

can you see it now--sharing your passion with ease and confidence?

Work with me!

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Still want to know more about Me?

Core Values

The things that matter most

Trust God to write our story, and desire to do all things for His glory.

Work Hard, Work Smart, and Rest Well.
Honesty is always the policy.
Nurture servant-hearted leadership

Take responsibility for the time, talents, finances, story, & resources given to us, and use them
generously, wisely, & well.

Step out boldly,
push through fear,
and encourage others to reach for more than they dreamed possible.

Never stop learning,
never stop trying,
and cultivate a sense
of wonder each day

Building stronger families is at the heart of everything I do here.
 If I can help you create more freedom and flexibility so you can focus on your family, I'll have served an excellent purpose.

I believe we are created for fellowship, and our work is at its best when sharpened and refined through the perspective of others.  








Birthdays—mine or anyone else's—are my favorite holiday.  That celebration of life is a sweet reminder that God created us for a purpose.

My niblings.  

[Noun:  nibling (plural niblings); The child of one's sibling
 (in other words, one's niece or nephew), especially in the plural.  Coined by linguist Samuel E. Martin in 1951]

Shoes in general, stilettos in particular.
 When I was a university professor, I unintentionally became known for my signature shoe style.  When I left, my students gave me multiple pairs of heels as a going away present.

Pretty much everything in life is better with a brownie hot fudge sundae (Braum's, in case you’re wondering)
(and I promise I’m not sponsored by Braum's).

Animals, pretty much of any sort.
Over the years we've had dogs (have you ever tried telling a Great Pyrenees what to do?), chickens, ducks, bees,
cows, horses, and a cat that hated grass and loved to swim.  

And I think it's important to note that 
I liked alpacas before alpacas were cool.

It’s always time for tea.

Filling up my passport.

One of my most memorable trips?
5 weeks.
4 countries.
1 backpack.
I could teach a class on packing (oh wait, I have!).

The library.
More books.
From The Chronicles of Narnia (that Lewis guy knew what he was doing) to Ong's Orality & Literacy, and a whole bunch in between, I love to read.  

There's More this way!

These are a few of my favorite things...

Let's Get Going!

Do you have all the info you need?

You've procrastinated long enough! 

Work with me!

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