And I bet you wish more people knew that.

i bet you’re really good at what you do.

(That's why I'm here!)

I want to help make you stand out


+In your saturated market,
+As a thought leader in your industry,
+And as the "lining up to buy from you" choice for clients.

Here's the thing:

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PR Couture

Running endlessly on the hamster wheel of marketing wasn’t quite what you had in mind when you set out to build a business you love.

What if you could ditch the unending shiny-object-syndrome of marketing, and use a simple, tried-and-true strategy proven to attract new customers with ease, create demand for your brand, and position yourself as a leader in your industry? 

That's the power of a smart, savvy, public relations strategy. 

Unfortunately, most marketing pros push a single service or tactic, without a full grasp of the bigger picture of marketing strategy. 

 That means you might be pouring money, energy, and precious time into funnels, email newsletters, Instagram reels, Pinterest, Facebook ads, blogging, webinars, podcasting, YouTube, or a host of other marketing attempts without a clear roadmap for where you're going (or how to drive the car).  Basically, the end result is you pulling your hair out.

Around here, we employ two decades of strategic communication experience to help you understand the big picture, get your ducks in a row, and discover how a powerful, results-driven PR strategy might be the missing piece of your business puzzle.

(Sorry, but nobody has time to waste trying to figure out how to convert 1% from a Facebook ad campaign.)

Publicity is the gold medal of social proof.

That’s why billion-dollar corporations pay 5 and 6 figures each month for specialists to handle their public relations strategy.
 But you know what? You don’t have to be a billion-dollar company (or even a million-dollar company) to get billion-dollar visibility.

If you’re ready to:

You're in the right place.

+Get your brand noticed by the media
+Have dream clients come to you
+Take your position as a leader in your industry

Book me for 1 Hour (or more)!

PR Power Hour

Wondering how to make your marketing and PR efforts more effective?  Here's your chance to pull back the curtain and get focused, 1:1 help from the expert.  We'll sit down and get solutions for your most pressing PR needs.

Let us Take care of everything!

PR Representation

If your company is ready to fully outsource your PR strategy and implementation to a team of results-driven experts, we've got you covered.  We understand marketing from a holistic perspective, and we're committed to seamlessly integrating the PR branch of your strategy to get you powerful results.

4-12 weeks, 1:1 Training

Media Training

Have an interview coming up, or you want to build a podcast or video presence, but the microphone makes you quiver?  Here's the good news: The path to media confidence is simple, effective, and absolutely possible, and I'll help you love it.

Signature PR Services

1:1 Coaching Services

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Book me for the whole day!


Tired of doing all the things in your business?  Now you can take "build and execute a PR strategy" off your to-do list.  Let me spend the day as your VP of PR, and we'll get your media outreach in tip-top shape. 

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2-day Intensive; 1:1 Training

PR Bootcamp

You're ready to build & execute a streamlined, reliable, and effective PR process into your marketing strategy, and you're tired of googling for answers.  I'll walk you (or your marketing team) through my signature system and equip you with all the tools and resources you need to start growing with confidence.

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Call me crazy, but I think great stuff should get noticed.

With 20+ years in the industry under my belt, including a decade of training PR pros, journalists, and broadcasters at a nationally-ranked university, I know a few things about getting a brand or expert noticed. I have a Ph.D. in communications, I’m an author, speaker, and communications strategist, and Forbes (and my mom!) call me a leading expert in digital communications & marketing.   You could safely say communication is, “my thing.”

What does that mean for you? It means I know what you need for a powerful and effective marketing strategy, how to successfully pitch your expertise, brand, or product. It also means I’m a whiz at helping you hone your story and deliver a fresh and compelling message whether you’re being interviewed for the first or the 121st time. 

How? Because as a comm professional, I've successfully navigated the rapidly changing PR and media landscapes for decades, and I've taught a whole lotta professionals, journalists, podcasters, public relations specialists, marketers, and business owners how to do it too.

Good for you, you savvy boss.

"Slow your roll, Who are you anyway?"

And that's why I'm your secret weapon. 

Let's work together to build a customized PR strategy for your brand. We'll position you as an industry authority, increase your impact, and get more leads for your business.  

I can’t make you an expert, but I can help people see you as the expert you already are.

I'd want some proof too!

Because being a best-kept-secret is a great compliment, but a terrible business model.

Are you rarin' to go, but not sure where to start?

I can help!

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