“I’m shocked at how much progress I’ve made in such a short time working with you!”

-Founder, Hospitality & Lifestyle Blogger

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Let's knock out your most pressing PR needs in this 1-hour consult. 

+Fine-tuning your strategy

+Help selecting the right media outlet or finding specific producer, editor, podcaster, and reporter contact info

+Feedback or editing on your press release and pitches

+Ideastorming specific press angles for a campaign, or help crafting unique, timely, relevant story angles for a pitch

+Support and advice for building a killer (and high-converting) press kit

+Feedback and tips for interviews, on-camera appearances, live or recorded videos, and podcasts

+Strategies for leveraging media wins in your content and social media 

+Revenue-enhancing strategies for podcast interviews

Not sure what you need? No problem! Some things we can collaborate on might include:

Ever wanted an hour of time inside a PR expert's brain? If you need to get another set of eyes and some experienced insight on your project, you've just met your new business best friend.

Investment: $225