Advertising is what you pay for.

Publicity is what you pray for.

Simple & Effective

Ever wonder why some businesses (maybe even your competitors!) seem to get media coverage all the time?  Maybe you've even thought, "I know so much more about that topic--why wasn't I interviewed?"
Here's the thing:
Having a great business and knowing a lot about your field isn't how you get media coverage.

That media coverage didn't come because their business is bigger than yours.
And it's not because they're better at what they do.
They didn't get coverage because they're really lucky.

They got coverage because they have a plan, and they're executing it.


The One-Page PR Action Plan

Media coverage is like MAtter & gravity: the more you have,
the faster and stronger you pull in even more of it.

Your beginning publicity plan doesn't have to be complex or require a dozen people on your team to get it done.  

All you need is one session with me, and a can-do attitude.

For a limited time, I’m offering a tailored 1-page action plan to help you (finally) get the ball rolling on your publicity efforts for your brand.  

Step 1: We schedule a consultation call to discuss your goals and current projects. 
Step 2: I’ll send you a tailored plan for your best steps to get your first media coverage.  

It’s that simple. And, it’s a great way to see how seamlessly a high-quality PR plan can be integrated into your business systems.

Pre-booking available through January 1, $225

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