“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” 

attributed to richard branson

The Power Hour

Perfect when you need another brain or pair of eyes.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a project, and realized life would be so much easier with someone else working alongside? 

You tell me what you want to work on (or I can make suggestions), and we'll do some prep work, then spend an intensive hour working together on your project.  We can use this time to clarify a press pitch concept, whip your pitch into shape, edit or fine tune a guest post, or get another set of eyes and ears on a podcast or YouTube script.

If you're trying to kickstart a publicity project or need a little guidance in the middle of the process, a 1-hour consult might be the best option for you! 

Unlock your Inner MEdia Darling Training

Getting publicity is great, but to get the most out of it, you need to deliver an attention-grabbing interview.  

If you've got a podcast, TV, or radio project or interview coming up, we'll work together to make sure you deliver a persuasive message that leaves the audience wanting to hear from you again and again.  I'll coach you through dynamic conversation techniques, and work with you prep powerful--and authentic--answers to the 3 questions that will come up in every interview.  We'll deal with any concerns you have, like freezing up, rambling on, or not knowing how to lead to your cornerstone message.

We'll assess your strengths, hone your message, practice together, and equip you with strategies to overcome the setbacks that threaten to derail your delivery.  And if you've interviewed before (or you're developing multiple  interviews for a launch campaign), I'll show you ways to change things up so your interviews don't feel repetitive (aka: boring).

No matter how much (or how little) media experience you have, you'll approach your next project or interview with confidence and sound like the trusted authority you already are.

PR Playbook Workshop Intensive

I’m clearing my schedule, just for you! If you’re working on a new launch, prepping for a high-volume sales season, or ready for an accelerated authority-building campaign, you need a stellar publicity game plan.  

This 1-2 day intensive, one-to-one workshop will get your PR strategy in tip-top shape.  We’ll start with a pre-workshop clarity call, then I’ll help you draw out and hone your cornerstone message, define your campaign canvas to reach your ideal audience, and craft an arsenal of pitch concepts tailored to meet your goals. 

When we’re done, you’ll walk away with a laser-focused campaign goal, complete with a workflow calendar and pitch repository (that does double duty as a content creation generator). It’s a PR playbook that creates and maximizes impact, authority, and reach in this season of your business.

Authority & Impact
The Signature Mentorship

This exclusive, private, one-to-one mentorship is designed to jumpstart your public relations efforts and create a sustainable, business-building social proof blueprint. Through weekly action steps custom crafted for your business and designed to give you maximum accountability, you and I will dive deep into every area of your business to build an effective publicity system.  

Our topics may include:
-PR goal setting for growth
-Ideal client media consumption (you'll find out where your dream 
 customers are hanging out)
-Media outlet targeting for specific business outcomes (where to get press to do 
 things like building brand credibility, getting new customers, or positioning 
 yourself as a thought leader)
-Press campaigns for launches
-Creating irresistible pitches for different media formats
-Implementing efficient systems to streamline your efforts
-Using your existing content to craft new pitch opportunities
-Media training to make sure you shine in interviews
-Leveraging media opportunities for greater coverage
-Increasing existing customer loyalty through internal press promotions
-Easy networking practices for accelerated press recognition 
-Creating your own media channels to magnify your strategy 

When we’re done, you’ll have a fully developed publicity campaign and calendar, you’ll be confidently equipped to develop future publicity strategies, manage your brand’s reputation, and deliver dynamic, compelling interviews. 

We start with a clarity and intention call, then schedule a series of calls to work through your comprehensive strategy needs. In addition to your weekly action steps, you’ll get my all my favorite templates, and the inside scoop on resources, and tools. You’ll also have direct access to me throughout the mentorship.

And because I’m betting you’re pretty busy, I don’t want to add anything to your schedule that distracts you from doing the work you love. We'll focus on integrating your PR strategy with the content, networks, and assets you’ve already developed. When we’re finished, you’ll have a simple and streamlined system that fits seamlessly into your existing business workflow.

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