So you know you’re ready to elevate your brand, and you understand that a little bit of media coverage can go a long way toward growing your bottom line.  But what do you do when the fish aren’t biting (or the media isn’t calling)?   Hang around and we’ll flatten the learning curve. 😉   […]

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3 of Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make When Trying to Get Media Coverage


Recently, I was listening to a podcast and by the time the host had finished the guest’s intro, I was hooked.  Like, “I think I need to hire this guy today” hooked.  Y’all, it’s a good bio that sells before the person has ever said a word. Those are words that are working overtime.   […]

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How to Create a Wow-Worthy Bio That Showcases Your Expertise and Converts Media Pros AND Customers


I love owning a business and doing what I love.  I hate when doubt creeps in and makes me second guess EV-VREE-THING.  Know what I mean?   Recently I got to chat with Chelsy of The Wise Photographer Podcast, and we talked all about kicking imposter syndrome to the curb.  Seriously, I think we could […]

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The Wise Photographer Podcast | Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb


You’re finally getting more eyes on your online business, but you need a way to convert lookie-loos to cash-on-the-table buyers… sound familiar?   You may have the greatest product or service in the world, but that doesn’t do you much good if your window shopper doesn’t feel confident in giving you their hard-earned moolah.  You […]

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5 Ways to Build Credibility Quickly for Your Online Business