Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a “super connector?” That’s what a friend of mine calls those people who seem to take great delight in connecting people with one another. (Kinda like business and friend match makers.) “Super Connector” is a great way to describe my friend (and fellow Texan) Bonnie of b […]

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The Brand Strategy Podcast: Elevating your brand through the power of PR


So you know you’re ready to elevate your brand, and you understand that a little bit of media coverage can go a long way toward growing your bottom line.  But what do you do when the fish aren’t biting (or the media isn’t calling)?   Hang around and we’ll flatten the learning curve. 😉   […]

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3 of Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make When Trying to Get Media Coverage


I always love talking about communications and PR, and this time, got to do it closer to my own stomping grounds.     Amanda of Girl Gang Podcast and Dallas Girl Gang (y‘all, their motto, #YouCanSitWithUs gets me every time) and I got to chatting about everything from landing your first media mention to having fun with […]

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Girl Gang Podcast | Making Media, Press, & TV Exposure Happen for Your Business

Tiffany Eurich on Girl Gang Podcast from Dallas Girl Gang on getting media and press exposure for your business


Seriously, I could have kept chatting with Laylee of So, Here’s the Thing Podcast for 3 more episodes.   (even with flu brain… ugh)   It was so much fun to share some of the tips and tricks of getting started with press coverage and share some of my journey to starting my business.  And […]

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So Here’s the Thing Podcast with Laylee Emadi | Publicity And Getting Into The Media