Recently, I was listening to a podcast and by the time the host had finished the guest’s intro, I was hooked.  Like, “I think I need to hire this guy today” hooked.  Y’all, it’s a good bio that sells before the person has ever said a word. Those are words that are working overtime.   […]

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How to Create a Wow-Worthy Bio That Showcases Your Expertise and Converts Media Pros AND Customers


I wholeheartedly believe that if you’re going to teach someone how to do something, you should be practicing it too.  That’s why it was a tremendous honor for me to featured in Forbes recently, and I’d love to share it here with our community!   The article is all about building online community around your […]

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I’m in Forbes! (it’s all about building community around your brand)


So you don’t have a major advertising budget to get in front of customers? No problem!  Media coverage is the gold standard for visibility AND credibility, and the best thing is, you can get it for zero dollars.  Like, nada. In fact, the highest quality publicity is always free.     You may already know […]

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3 Insider Tips to Get Your Service or Expertise Featured in a Magazine


In 75 minutes, I increased my email subscriber list by 1,067%.     And after many, many months, that 75-minute project has continued to consistently build my email list, social media followers, and requests for services.  Want to swipe my strategy?  Keep reading.   That project was a podcast interview that took 68 minutes (plus the […]

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6 Dynamic Ways to Use the Marketing Tactic Most Small Businesses Haven’t Discovered Yet


You know that feeling when you find a podcast that’s so good you can’t help but deep dive the archives?   Davey & Krista’s podcast, Brands that Book, is one of those.  It’s a total no-fluff zone.  That’s why I was honored when Davey invited me on for a conversation about all things marketing, strategy, […]

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Podcast Alert! Brands that Book

Tiffany Eurich on Girl Gang Podcast from Dallas Girl Gang on getting media and press exposure for your business


I always love talking about communications and PR, and this time, got to do it closer to my own stomping grounds.     Amanda of Girl Gang Podcast and Dallas Girl Gang (y‘all, their motto, #YouCanSitWithUs gets me every time) and I got to chatting about everything from landing your first media mention to having fun with […]

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Girl Gang Podcast | Making Media, Press, & TV Exposure Happen for Your Business


I love owning a business and doing what I love.  I hate when doubt creeps in and makes me second guess EV-VREE-THING.  Know what I mean?   Recently I got to chat with Chelsy of The Wise Photographer Podcast, and we talked all about kicking imposter syndrome to the curb.  Seriously, I think we could […]

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The Wise Photographer Podcast | Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb


Maybe you’ve got some downtime this week and you’re streamlining your business systems or trying out new digital toys.  Cheers if that includes a steamy mug of chai latte or a brownie hot fudge sundae.       If you’re looking for some boosts to your business workflow, pull your chair on over (I’ll bring the […]


8 Business Tools I’m Loving Right Now


You’re finally getting more eyes on your online business, but you need a way to convert lookie-loos to cash-on-the-table buyers… sound familiar?   You may have the greatest product or service in the world, but that doesn’t do you much good if your window shopper doesn’t feel confident in giving you their hard-earned moolah.  You […]

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5 Ways to Build Credibility Quickly for Your Online Business


Seriously, I could have kept chatting with Laylee of So, Here’s the Thing Podcast for 3 more episodes.   (even with flu brain… ugh)   It was so much fun to share some of the tips and tricks of getting started with press coverage and share some of my journey to starting my business.  And […]

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So Here’s the Thing Podcast with Laylee Emadi | Publicity And Getting Into The Media